Frequently asked questions

I have an existing show that I do on another station. Can I send it in?

Yes you can record a show on your own and email it to us for it to be aired in the avavilable time slot you requested.

Where is Let's Live Radio Located?

Let's Live Radio reaches people all over the world but we are based in New Orleans. We record all of our shows at a home studio and this is also where we do our live video feeds.

I do not have any experience in radio. Is Let's Live Radio a good fit for me?

Yes. If you have been called to spread a message then Let's Live Radio is your tool for doing so. Since this is internet radio, you will not see your audience and this makes the experience less nerve racking. Most of our show hosts have no experience in media and they sound like pros. Listen to the shows in our archives so that you can gain a better perspective.

Can I make money doing this?

Yes. As a show host on Let's Live Radio you can give businesses an opportunity to advertise their products on your radio show and to even sponsor your show. You have the responsibility of setting your own price and deciding how many businesses you allow to advertise on your show.