Lindsay Lohan's step-mom arrested for allegedly attacking a bus driver while drunk

The Allentown Morning Call reported that the step mother of Lindsay Lohan, Kate Lohan has been charged with drunken driving among other charges. According to several witnesses Kate Lohan missed her stop and instead of just getting off on the next stop, she scolded the driver for 15 minutes and demanded the bus driver to stop the bus. However the bus driver kept driving until she got to the next stop. It was here that all hell broke loose. The female bus driver and Kate Lohan both exited the bus and this is when witnesses say Kate Lohan attacked the bus driver by charging at her and grabbing her coat. Unfortunately the story does not end here. Kate Lohan then attempted to drive the bus but could not get going in time. Shortly after this Kate Lohan was arrested at the terminal at 4440 Hamilton Blvd. Upon arrest Kate Lohan confessed to only a couple glasses of wine.

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