Your Power Is On!

Sally-Ann Roberts & DJ Kelly Fresh

Sally-Ann Roberts has been called the face of New Orleans by many. Her career as an anchor on WWL-TV for 35+ years combined with her heart for inspiring others has earned her a place in many hearts. Sally-Ann authored "Your Power is On!: A Little Book of Hope in 2013.
Description of Your Power is On!: A Little Book of Hope
"On days where dark clouds hang low and ominous, where life's stresses and woes seem like an unending downpour, like nothing but dread looms on the horizon, sometimes all it takes is a kind thought and word to light the way through the gloom. This book seeks to remind readers that, even when life is at its most difficult, the spirit of grace lives within all things. It provides everyday reassurances meant to inspire hope at times when hope seems far away. Lines of meditative wisdom are revealed on each page, beckoning readers to still their minds and forget their troubles for a moment. Reflecting the beauty of these words, soothing landscapes and breathtaking panoramas from Italy, Mexico, Canada, and many other locales fill the book with a sense of the wonder of God's creations. An affirmation that readers are never alone in their struggles, every page includes a Biblical verse that echoes the sentiments of the text and photographs. When life seems insurmountable, the words and pictures in this volume are meant to provide calm from the storm."
In 2014 Sally-Ann Roberts started hosting her radio show, "Your Power is On!" Recently she added her daughter and co-owner of Let's Live Radio, Kelly Abney AKA DJ Kelly Fresh. "Your Power is On!" radio show empowers people of all walks of life through great music and topics that are intended to inspire greatness. 
This week Sally-Ann Roberts & Phyllis Nabonne Alexander explore the meaning of Agape Love!
Air Dates: Monday-Friday
Air Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm cst
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